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Is anyone in the household pregnant or 5 years of age or younger?
Are they, or any current or future children, a member of a Native American tribe?
Are they less than 28 weeks pregnant?
Please select what describes them best:
Are they a member of a Native American tribe?

Are the pregnant person, or any current or future children, a member of a Native American tribe?
Is the pregnant person less than 28 weeks pregnant?
Please select what describes them best:

Centralized Access

Program Description: Home visiting is for pregnant people and families with children under 6 years old. Centralized Access is a service that connects you to the best home visiting program for your family. You will be able to speak directly to someone who will ask you a few questions or be connected to a website. Sharing information about your needs will help connect you to the right home visiting program for you.

Early Head Start

Program Description: EHS helps children be healthy. EHS knows parents are their child's first and most important teacher. EHS serves pregnant women, families with children birth to 3 years, and families with a child with a disability.

Visit Frequency: Home visits take place weekly for 90 minutes. There are also two social activities that are available to families twice per month.

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Family Spirit

Program Description: FS provides support and education during pregnancy and the first five years of a child's life. Services may include health education, community referrals, breastfeeding support, depression screening, and transportation to medical and other appointments. FS offers home or office visits by a Maternal Child Health Nurse and Outreach Worker.

Visit Frequency: Visits range from weekly to monthly depending on the needs of the family and age of the child. Visits generally last between 45-90 minutes.

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Healthy Families America

Program Description: HFA is a family-centered program, supporting parents during their pregnancy and after to build a positive bond between them and their children. HFA supports child development and growth as well as helping to make connections to healthcare, insurance, and other community resources. With HFA, families will always have support as they navigate the joys and struggles of parenthood, creating a plan with them to meet their needs. Families who are pregnant or with young children, within three months of birth, are eligible.

Visit Frequency: Families are offered weekly visits at the beginning of services. Visits are for 60 minutes. How often families have home visits can change depending on their needs.

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Infant Mental Health

Program Description: IMH provides support to pregnant people and parents/caregivers who may be having difficulty bonding with their child. IMH enrolls families during pregnancy through their child's third birthday.

Visit Frequency: Families generally begin services after their child is born, although services may begin during pregnancy, and continue until their child is age three. The intensity and duration of visits is based on family needs.

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Maternal Infant Health Program

Program Description: MIHP provides home visits made by a nurse and a social worker, and sometimes by an infant mental health specialist, registered dietician, or lactation consultant. These home visitors may perform health assessments, case management, teaching, and support, as well as connection to community resources. Services provided include prenatal and infant/caregiver assessments, immunization and well-child visit support, health and childbirth education referrals, transportation, and connection with local community resources.

Visit Frequency: Visits are offered monthly but may be more frequent. Pregnant persons in the program can receive up to nine visits throughout the pregnancy and after delivery. Depending upon the needs of the infant and their caregiver, infants enrolled in the program can receive up to 36 visits. Home visits may continue until the infant reaches 18 months age based on the needs of the infant and caregiver.

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Nurse-Family Partnership

Program Description: NFP provides personalized home visits by registered nurses. Services provided include prenatal health and childbirth education, infant health, child developmental screenings, practical tips on positive parenting techniques to promote strong parent-child relationships, connection to community services, and encouragement to help families reach their life goals. NFP serves first-time pregnant people who are less than 28 weeks pregnant.

Visit Frequency: Families receive weekly, biweekly, or monthly visits dependent on length of enrollment and age of the child. Visit schedule is determined by the family and can be changed based on family needs.

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Parents As Teachers

Program Description: PAT provides personalized home visits by certified parent educators trained in child development. PAT supports parents' understanding of what to expect in each stage of their child's development. PAT offers practical tips on ways to encourage learning, manage challenging behavior, and promote strong parent-child relationships. Group meetings are held for parents to gain new insights and to share their experiences, common concerns, and successes. PAT also offers periodic screening of their child's overall development, language, hearing, and vision. PAT serves pregnant women and families with children from birth to kindergarten entry. Families can enroll at any point during this time.

Visit Frequency: Families can receive monthly to twice monthly visits, depending on family needs. Home Visits are generally 60 minutes. Families are also offered 12 group connections per year.

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Play and Learning Strategies

Program Description: PALS-I provides home visits by a PALS-certified parent coach. PALS-I coaches teach and support early childhood and responsive caregiving strategies to help foster and strengthen positive parent-child interactions. Services provided include parent interaction strength-based assessment, developmental milestone tracking, one-on-one coaching, and connection with local community services.

Visit Frequency: Families receive 10-11 visits per year lasting a minimum of 90 minutes.

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